About Jim


My name is Jim Maleski and I am 41 years old. I have lived in North Ridgeville for almost 14 years. My wife and I will be married 15 years this July. We have two daughters, Madison (age 12) and Makinley (age 6). I am a 7th grade World History teacher at Huron City schools. I have been teaching a total of 16 years and taught special education in Cleveland schools prior to Huron. Over the last 20 years, I have coached high school & recreational football, track, and basketball at all different levels. My education background includes a Bachelor’s Degree from Cleveland State University, a Master’s degree in Special Education from Ashland University, and I am currently one class away from a Masters of United States History from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I have been a member of the North Ridgeville Planning Commission since January of 2017. My political experience involves working with a local councilmen campaign, a past State Representative campaign, and working with local issues and levies.

I feel that the biggest issue facing Ward One residents in North Ridgeville is land density. With the amazing growth our city has undergone in the last few years, and the beautiful new homes that have gone up, I feel we are lacking yard size and space in order to enjoy with our families. Issues facing our whole city is continuing the business growth, continuing working on attracting new residents, and doing all this while being fiscally sound.


In Ward One, I intend to work with members of both the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning to encourage builders to adhere to land density rules and regulations set forth by City Council. Ensuring the developers maintain certain distances from dwellings, plant greenery, and have an understanding that the area should be left as beautiful as it was before they started. For North Ridgeville, my top priority is to attract high-end retail stores, new eateries, and a 21st-century grocery store. I also want to help create an economic center in North Ridgeville that won’t rival our neighbors but surpass our neighboring communities. The completion of Center Ridge and making choices on business that come to our town must be done by someone who understands the needs of a growing community (for all age dynamics). The need for new amenities is crucial for our growth and attracting new residents. I will work with outside groups and residents to determine what we can add while keeping our fiscal responsibility at mind. I also intend to work with City Council to look at alternative options, such as grants, bonds, or through the sale of advertisements.